Our Story

The creation of our essential oil lava bead bracelet company was born out of a personal need for natural wellness and emotional balance. Our founder, like many of us, struggled with anxiety and stress on a daily basis and found that traditional methods of treatment just weren't enough.

One day, they discovered the power of essential oils and how they could be used to improve their overall well-being. They were fascinated by the natural healing properties of different oils and knew they had to find a way to keep them close to themself at all times. That's when the idea of an essential oil lava bead bracelet came to them.

They knew that the natural grounding energy of lava rock would be the perfect base for their oils and they set out to create the perfect diffuser bracelet. After countless hours of experimentation, they finally found the perfect combination of oils and beads.

Our bracelets not only look beautiful, but they also have the power to help alleviate stress, anxiety and other emotional issues. And with the convenience of being able to wear them wherever you go, our bracelets truly provide the ultimate form of natural wellness on-the-go. That is the meaning behind our brand name, Psýchra {pronounced: see-chra}, the Greek word for chill.  

With our bracelets, we wanted to create a product that not only helps to improve the well-being of our customers but also brings a touch of elegance and style to their lives. That's why we created our brand, to share our creation and make it easily accessible for everyone who is looking for natural and convenient way to improve their emotional well-being.